The Importance of Sleep

With the clocks being turned back last weekend and many of us enjoying an extra hour in bed, we wanted to highlight to you three reasons why sleep is so important when it comes to our health and fitness.

  1. Rest and Repair. Sleep is important as it gives the body time to repair the damage that we have done throughout the day. Whilst asleep, the body releases growth hormone and testosterone, both of these hormones are for muscle repair and growth. 

  2. Performance. Turning up to training whilst feeling tired can slow your reaction times and be detrimental to the success of your training sessions. Being sleep deprived can also make you more susceptible to injuries and colds. 

  3. Lack of rest makes you crave food. Let's talk about science. Hunger is controlled by two hormones: leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is produced in your fat hormones and the less that is produced, the more your stomach feels empty. On the other hand, the more ghrelin that is produced, the fewer calories the body burns and more fat is stored by the body. Lack of sleep makes balancing these two hormones very hard.

So, try to make the most of your sleep as it could be the secret weapon between you and your fat loss or your muscle gainz. 

The Importance of Sleep

“Rest and Repair. Sleep is important as it gives the body time to repair the damage that we have done throughout the day.”


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