About us

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About us

Established in 2016, the MHR coaches have over 15 years of combined experience in the world of personal training and professional sport.

MHR Fitness is built on our coaches’ passion for improving the lives of people through functional fitness and sensible nutrition.

Our team of coaches have excellent customer testimonials, which are backed by continued proven results. These are as a result of training hundreds of people through thousands of hours of personal training.

MHR Fitness has evolved in to so much more than personal training. Specialising in mixed small group personal training, WE HELP ANYONE WANTING TO BUILD A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER AND STRONGER VERSION OF THEMSELVES. Our classes are designed to directly improve your aerobic capacity. At MHR Fitness we will improve your fitness at your level and challenge your perception of what's achievable.

Maxwell Rust MHR Fitness

Maxwell Rust


The Founder of MHR Fitness, Max has been personal training for over 5 years with thousands of hours of coaching under his belt.

Mark Connor MHR Fitness

Mark Connor

Head PT

Head PT at MHR Fitness, Mark has a wealth of experience in group fitness and personal training.

James Foad MHR Fitness

James Foad


Personal Trainer & the proud owner of an Olympic Bronze Medal in rowing. James brings his knowledge from professional sport to MHR.

Amanda Wilson MHR Fitness

Amanda Wilson


After 24 years in the beauty industry with the aim of increasing people’s confidence I felt the next logical step in my career was to become a personal trainer to help people both physically and mentally.

Why choose us

At MHR Fitness we have three principles which run through our DNA:


Your mind controls everything, we help you change and develop the mindset you need to succeed with your health and fitness.


We help you live a healthier lifestyle by teaching you about sensible nutrition and developing healthy habits. Also, we focus on training that’s not only going to challenge you but you’ll also enjoy and happily make a part of your life.


We are highly professional and results driven. We understand that you’ve reached out to us because you’re seeking a specific outcome with your health and fitness. The first thing we want to know is what outcome you are you looking to achieve. Once we have this information, we’ll map out how we’re going to get you there and set very specific goals to keep you focused and accountable on your journey with us.

Success Stories

Group Training


We offer mixed small group personal training.

Our small group personal training packages combine personal training and group exercise. Delivered in a 1-6 ratio this concept allows us to facilitate our clients on a 1-1 basis while being surrounded by like minded individuals.

Building strength, fixing injuries, focusing on movement quality, and getting fitter and stronger for everyday life.

We cater for anyone, regardless of your training experience or goal.

Personal Training


Our personal training packages are structured from the very beginning of your journey with us.

During the consultation phase we identify your ‘why’ and the goals that you want to achieve. This is your journey and our trainers are on it with you every step of the way to coach you, support you and to celebrate your successes with you.


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Our private small group personal training studio is based in Hedge End, Southampton.

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