Lee's Story

Before training with MHR Fitness, Lee had a gym membership but rarely used it due to a busy lifestyle and a lack of confidence of knowing what to do to achieve the results that he wanted.

It's fair to say that Lee likes to enjoy life and after a period of late nights and big weekends he decided that enough was enough and reached out to us to help him achieve his goals.

We adjusted Lee's eating habits and put him on a nutritious, calorie controlled diet. This allowed him to lose a sensible amount of weight whilst still giving him the flexibility to enjoy life at the weekend.

Just look at the results that Lee has achieved:

9kg of weight lost

6.25 inches off the waist

5 inches off the hips

Nice one Lee, successfully balancing a hectic work, social life and gym training schedule and STILL getting results.

Lee Rees success story

Lee's Transformation

Lee Rees MHR Fitness Transformation
Lee Rees MHR Fitness Transformation


‘You can’t out train a bad diet.’

As well as training packages, we also have an in-house nutritionist who can offer you nutritional support, education and personalised nutrition plans.

About Us

Established in 2016, the MHR coaches have over 15 years of combined experience in the world of personal training and professional sport.

MHR Fitness is built on our coaches’ passion for improving the lives of people through functional fitness and sensible nutrition.

Our team of coaches have excellent customer testimonials, which are backed by continued proven results.


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