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At MHR Fitness we don’t just focus on making a physical change to the people that we train, we also educate on the science behind fitness to help you understand how to create a long term better version of yourself.

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'I felt so low, abandoned...and then I took an overdose'

James was recently interviewed by the Daily Mail about the support that professional athletes receive after retirement. You can read his frank and eye opening interview here.

Our advice to help you get back on track…

August can be a challenging month when it comes to staying on track with a regular fitness and nutrition regime....

Lets talk about Progressive Overload…

During your small group personal training session, or 1-1 personal training session you may have heard the training...

Is cardio the best way to help me lose weight?

Cardio is a great way to get people moving, regardless of whether its HIIT or steady state cardio. Aerobic exercise...

Is the number on the scales important?

To answer this we need to understand that there are a lot of factors that cause a person's weight to fluctuate on a...

What’s better…Machines or free weights?

To answer this, lets look at the difference between machines and free weights. Machines in the gym generally refer...

Females who lift heavy weights wont get big and bulky. Here’s why…

In males, the primary hormone responsible for muscle growth and strength is testosterone. Males have approximately...

MyFitnessPal hints and tips

Below are five tips to bear in mind when using the app: Always weigh your food to ensure accuracy - guessing...

Can core exercises help lose stomach fat?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that exercises that directly target the abdominals are not as effective as you...

The Importance of Sleep

With the clocks being turned back last weekend and many of us enjoying an extra hour in bed, we wanted to highlight...

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‘You can’t out train a bad diet.’

As well as training packages, we also have an in-house nutritionist who can offer you nutritional support, education and personalised nutrition plans.

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Established in 2016, the MHR coaches have over 15 years of combined experience in the world of personal training and professional sport.

MHR Fitness is built on our coaches’ passion for improving the lives of people through functional fitness and sensible nutrition.

Our team of coaches have excellent customer testimonials, which are backed by continued proven results.


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