How To Stay Motivated To Workout From Home

Here we are, a little over two weeks since we were all faced with the closing of gyms and leisure centres for the second time in as many months.

For many of us that means once again our homes have become the place where we work, the place we sleep, the place where we exercise and maybe even the place where you’re home schooling.

With so much time being spent in our homes, you may be finding it difficult to maintain your regular workout routine, or you may even be lacking the motivation to workout at all.

But over the last year it’s become more apparent than ever the importance of staying physically fit and active. Finding the time and space to exercise is far easier said than done though. It may be challenging, but it sure has been entertaining. In our zoom sessions so far, we've seen...

  • ●  Children crawling under clients legs whilst squatting

  • ●  One lady became attached to her kitchen floor whilst doing supermans

  • ●  Someone discovered their lounge ceiling was a little lower than they thought whilst jumping!

If you’ve got any funny home workout stories, share them with us below!

But with all that said and the gyms looking like they'll be closed for around another two weeks or so, we have to try and make the most out of our domesticated surroundings. Over the last 9 months or so there’s been an explosion of online workouts, on YouTube, via apps and on social media. But moving from the sofa and into the fitness mindset is an entirely different problem.

We want to give you a couple of key tips that we found helpful from lockdown 1.0, to help keep you motivated to exercise in lockdown 2.0!

1. First thing first. Find an area in the house that you can dedicate to exercise.​ I’ve seen clients training in their gardens, in their garages and their conservatories during lockdown. Whatever part of the house you choose, make sure that you’ve got your equipment there and that it’s actually a place that you want to spend time in. Also, now we’re in winter make sure you turn the central heating down a notch or two just prior to working out!

2. Join a supportive online community.​ Being part of a community with people that align with your goals is great for boosting your confidence and self esteem. This is exactly what we’re seeing at the moment in our 28 Day Recharge Challenge. Our awesome MHR community are pulling together and encouraging each other to do their best during the course of the current lockdown.

3. Schedule a regular workout time.​ Finding a time to exercise that fits in with your busy schedule will help to ensure that you get that workout in. Perhaps it’s early in the morning before you start work, or in the evening once the kids have gone to bed. Having it in the diary like an appointment means that you’re more likely to get it done.

4. Get rid of electronic distractions!​ Our houses are literally surrounded by technology, we live in a day and age where we don’t even need to get up from the sofa to turn the TV off or switch a light off. Playing smartphone games, scrolling through social media and surfing the internet are all distractions when you’re trying to exercise. You finish a set, check Facebook and before you know it that 60 second rest period has turned into 10 minutes. Your rest periods are messed up, you’ve cooled down and you lose momentum. So try keeping your phone out of reach until your workout is finished.

5. Turn up the music!​ Exercising with the right tunes on in the background is a necessity for any workout! And if you’re anything like us, when the right song comes on, it tells the voice in your head that’s signalling you to quit, to push through and go an extra 10 minutes!

So there you have it. Our 5 tips to help you stay motivated in this lockdown! How have you been keeping motivated? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

How To Stay Motivated To Workout From Home


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