How To Lose Weight With a Busy Schedule

We are sure that many of you will know, losing weight with a busy schedule is tough.

In fact, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task - especially at the moment. But, we've got some good news which we're going to share with you in this blog. 


With the right strategies, you can lose weight, build muscle and achieve the body that you've been striving for. Whether it's work, family, home schooling, or all of the above, your busy schedule can sometimes get on top of you. Time slips away and before you know it, finding time for diet and exercise has dropped right down to the bottom of the list.


And there’s just so much to think about, right? 


From what, when, and how much to eat, to what to do in your makeshift home gym. It’s a headache you could do without. And before you know it, trying to lose weight just ends up in the “too difficult” box. 


However, we’ve got 5 tips for you that will help you to turn that way of thinking around. 


  1. Plan your schedule

When you're busy, planning becomes more important than ever. Time is limited, so you've got to use it wisely. A good plan will not only give some structure to your week, but it also removes the need to make lots of decisions. Now, I know that having to constantly think about nutrition and exercise can feel like a grind, and eventually, it might feel like a bit too much work.


So, here's what we suggest...


Take one day in the week, like a Sunday, where you plan the next 7 days.


What does your work schedule look like? What commitments have the kids got? Are there any days that you can't exercise?


Once you've got that structured plan around it, it will soon become clear what is, and isn't, achievable. 


  1. Increase your step count

Sometimes training at home, or even the gym, when they're open, is genuinely impossible. With a busy schedule, this will happen every now and again. This is why it's important to have a base level of activity that helps to keep you active.


One of the best ways is to get more steps in. How you achieve this is up to you, but if getting an extra 1000 steps in a day feels like a mountain to climb, try breaking it up. Maybe a 15 minute walk in your lunch break or 3 x 5 minute walks spread throughout the day.


And stretching your legs after a day sat down for a long period of time is something you should already be doing so if you are not, be sure to add that to the end of your day. 


  1. Prep your meals in advance

Meal prep doesn't have to look like you're about to go on Masterchef. In fact, if you don't mind keeping things really simple, you could create a week's worth of food in no time at all. 


The trick here is to keep things super simple. Choose recipes that you can cook in batches for multiple servings and then portion them out and freeze them so they stay fresh for days in advance.


And if meal prep isn't your thing, consider a meal prep service to help take the thinking out of the process. Just think, all the time that you'll save not having to cook every evening could be prime time that you spend exercising instead!


  1. Don't waste the weekends

After a busy week of Zoom meetings and homeschooling, it's tempting to let the weekend turn into the laziest 48 hours of your life. Instead of letting that happen, plan your weekends and use the extra time to your advantage. 


A lie in until 1pm might seem like a good idea but think of the positive things that you could have done to help you lose weight and progress towards your goal.


  1. Be patient

Finally, if life is busy and you're attempting to lose weight, patience is gonna be an art you need to learn. In reality, achieving your goal might be slower than you expect and it's not gonna be without its challenges. So, stay focussed on making better decisions around diet and exercise, and over time these will pay off way more than you realise.


There's no magic fat loss bullet and definitely no diet supplement that will magically make time appear in your diary. The trick is to focus on simple, incremental behaviour changes that will, in the end, create a healthier lifestyle. 


We would love to know what your thoughts are on trying to lose weight with a busy schedule. Leave your thoughts down below and let's chat about it.

How To Lose Weight With a Busy Schedule


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