5 Strategies To Developing Healthy Habits

So in the blog this week, we are going to talk about developing healthy habits.

We all have a vision in our heads of where we would like to be with our health and fitness, but getting there isn't easy and you might feel like you've tried everything and have seen little or no results.


If this has happened don't worry, you're not alone.


There could be many reasons why you're not making the progress you desire. Perhaps you're trying to tackle too much at once? Putting too much pressure on yourself? Or you're not ready or sure how to take that first step?


You may have thrown the towel in too soon or simply didn't have a well developed plan of how to start developing healthy habits that are going to make your dream goal a reality. 


Improving your overall health takes planning, effort, and above all else, patience.


However, we have some good news for you! 


We are going to share with you our 5 strategies to develop healthy habits:


  1. Shift your focus to the long-term

Short term fixes like seven day cleanses are designed to get you results quickly but they are not feasible in the long run. 


The key to improving your overall health is not to get a taste for your ideal self for a few weeks then revert back to your old ways. It's about creating sustainable change. Focus on behaviours you can adopt that you'll be more likely to stick with overtime for example drinking 2 litres of water or hitting a minimum of 8,000 steps per day.


  1. Know that small steps over time make up for big wins

Making small incremental steps over time is the best way and most sustainable way to achieve your health and fitness goals. 


If you're trying to get more physically active then start by doing 3 x 20 minute workouts per week. If you successfully achieve 3 x 20 minute workouts per week for 4 weeks then that is when you'd look at increasing your activity if you think you can fit more exercise time into your schedule.


Another example is if you want to reduce stress, try to meditate for 5 minutes, 3 times per week. You might think this all sounds too easy but that's the point. Overtime you can increase your efforts knowing that what you're committing to is sustainable and without knowing you will be developing new habits.


  1. Don't rely on motivation

When trying to develop new habits, we don't want to rely on motivation. It is important when we are trying to do something new but we also know that motivation comes and goes.


The key to overcoming low motivation is to pre-commit to what you're going to do and to set up strategies in case this happens. Block out time in your diary and set reminders if necessary. 


Motivation comes from when we take action. 


  1. Be accountable to someone and yourself!

We want you to be accountable to someone, it helps us work harder. Whether it's a coach, friend or family member, having someone to report to can provide that push to get stuff done. 


It is also important to hold yourself accountable and not just rely on others. Set something up that allows you to track your own progress and show you results. 


While it's helpful having accountability partners, you know yourself better than anyone! You have the most knowledge and experience to set yourself up for success. 


  1. Shape your environment

Many people believe that developing healthy habits is about willpower but we think it's more about your environment. People often choose products not because of what they are but because of where they are.


Let's say I walked into the kitchen and saw a plate of cookies on the kitchen side, I'd probably end up eating a few, even if I hadn't been thinking about the cookies before and I wasn't even hungry.


If the communal table at work is always filled with doughnuts and bagels, it's going to be challenging not to pick at one now and again. Your habits will change depending on the room you are in and what's in front of you.


Despite us all being unique, the environment can shape human behaviour. To change your behaviour, focus on changing your environment first. 


We hope you learned a thing or two from this blog about developing healthy habits - start implementing them today and let us know how you get on! 


Remember, a change in habit leads to a change in life.

5 Strategies To Developing Healthy Habits


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