What’s better…Machines or free weights?

To answer this, lets look at the difference between machines and free weights. Machines in the gym generally refer to equipment that a person sits in and presses or pulls through a fixed range of motion. Free weights, on the other hand, refer to dumbbells and barbells, which involve a person controlling the direction of the weight whilst you move it. 

Fixed machines have their place in a gym - they are easy to use, they're great for isolating muscles and also much safer for you and others around you if you are using heavy weights. However, free weights are far more beneficial for recruiting more muscle when doing an exercise. When we use free weights, the body recruits more of the core stabilising muscles which will give you an overall better workout.

Free weights are great as they are more functional and recreate everyday movements much better than a machine. As well as this, free weights are also very time effective and allow a person to work more muscles in much less time than a machine based exercise. 

So, to conclude, whilst we know that fixed machines can be great for certain people and exercises...we believe that free weights have the slight edge over machines and will give you more bang for your fitness buck. 


What’s better…Machines or free weights?

“When we use free weights, the body recruits more of the core stabilising muscles which will give you an overall better workout.”


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