Why We Focus On Non-Scale Victories

We think non-scale victories are the way forward for females when tracking their health and fitness progress.

Yes, maybe you want to lose a certain amount of weight but, when it comes down to it, these real-life actual changes that you can feel and see make much more of an impact than the numbers on a scale.

After coaching 1000s of females, one thing that always seems to hold them back is putting so much focus on the scale weight. The reason we advise against doing this is that there are many factors that can change the number on the scale, not just a reduction in body fat. Which, from our experience, is most people's goal.

However, things like hydration levels, menstrual cycle, and muscle mass can all make the number fluctuates too.

What exactly are nonscale victories?

Simply put, non-scale victories are things that you can use to monitor your health and fitness progress, without ever stepping onto a scale.

1. Taking progress pictures

Visual progress is the most powerful way of seeing your progress in our opinion. Taking that before and after picture can sometimes be the only thing you need to see the transformation you've made and how much your body shape has changed.

2. Measurements

The great thing about measurements is you can specifically see the areas of your body that are changing unlike the scales - you never know what reading you're going to get.

3. How your clothes are fitting

Fitting back into that wedding dress or bikini are all signs that you've made fantastic progress. It's so important not to let the scales tell you that you're not making progress when really you are!

In our opinion, these are far more accurate and reliable ways to track your progress. And what's even better is you never get that anxiety of stepping on those scales again. This does take a slight shift in mindset, but it's totally worth it.

Do you have any non-scale victories that matter to you more than the number on the scales? If you're looking for help in achieving your health & fitness goals, book a call with us and see how we can help.

Why We Focus On Non-Scale Victories


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