MyFitnessPal hints and tips

MyFitnessPal is a phone app which is great for keeping on top of the calories that you consume.

Below are five tips to bear in mind when using the app:

  1. Always weigh your food to ensure accuracy - guessing weights and measures could lead to you being under or over your calories for the day.

  2. Ensure you track everything that you eat - even less nutritious foods. This will help you get back on track and correct your calorie goal through the rest of the week.

  3. When weighing foods to input to the app, always weigh the ingredients raw. There is a significant weight difference between raw and cooked foods.

  4. Pre-log your meals the day before - this will help you ensure that your calories are accurate and that you can make any adjustments where needed.

  5. Don't be over ambitious with your weight loss goal - this will give you minimal calories which in the long term can be difficult to sustain and could slow down your metabolism. 

MyFitnessPal hints and tips

“MyFitnessPal is a phone app which is great for keeping on top of the calories that you consume.”


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