Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight Whilst Calorie Tracking

Here at MHR Fitness, we're big fans of counting calories. Yes, this isn't the only method of dieting that is out there and it doesn't work for everyone. But, it is the strategy that we'll always try first with our fat loss client.

For anyone who's new to counting and tracking calories, it can sometimes feel like a chore. I mean, scrolling through endless types of apple until you've found the right one can grind you down. 


So, when you're not losing weight, despite counting calories, it can become frustrating. 


Now, if you're on the verge of putting the scales back in the cupboard and deleting MyFitnessPal off of your phone, keep reading. Over the next few minutes, we're going to explain 4 of the most common reasons you might not be losing weight, despite counting calories. 


Before we get into that though, let us just say that counting calories are a great method of achieving and managing a calorie deficit. However, there is a degree of error linked to the process. Just like there is with any other diet out there.


Hopefully though, by the end of this blog, you'll have a better idea of how to minimise those errors which will make you become a bit more chilled about the whole process. 


1. Portion size

This is a biggie. When it comes to measuring our food, some things are more subjective than others. 


For example, 100g of chicken is 100g of chicken. But, what about a rounded tablespoon of peanut butter. That's probably not going to be as accurate. 


In this scenario, how you measure your food is vital, especially with the ones higher in calories. Weighing low calorie foods like vegetables won't affect your calorie target too much. However, foods like nuts, avocado, peanut butter, and other calorie dense foods are easy to mis-track if not weighed correctly. Ultimately, this could be one of the reasons why you might not be losing weight.


Our biggest tip… 

Take the time to measure these foods, this is going to increase the accuracy of your calorie tracking and will also educate you about portion control. 


2. Sips, licks, and bites

How many times do you take a few extra sips, licks, and bites as you prepare your food? Or weigh something on the scales and then lick what's left on the spoon?


Let's face it, you've done it, we've done it and studies have shown that even dieticians have done it!


Unfortunately, these calories don't come for free and they still count, even though they haven't been counted.


Try and focus on minimising these inaccuracies as much as possible. All those sips, licks and bites, and other untracked extras should all be a focal point for you. Over the course of a week, those calories add up and could be one of the biggest reasons why you're not losing weight.


3. MyFitnessPal data

It might surprise you to know this but, some of the data in MyFitnessPal can be incorrect.


Have you ever noticed multiple products, all identical, have different calories and macro breakdowns? It can feel like a lottery choosing the right one!


If you've ever been left staring at your tracking app wondering which one to choose, there are a few things you can do which will help you decide.

a. Use the barcode scanner. More often than not it will bring the right option up.

b. Compare the different options and look for consistency.

c. Check the nutritional values on the food you're logging and enter the values yourself.


4. Daily activity and exercise

When it comes to your daily activity, the energy you expend will never be the same every day. You'll never do the same amount of steps every day and you'll never burn the same amount of calories in each workout. Every day is different.


And it’s these differences that might alter your energy balance to the point that you’re not losing weight… even though you’re calorie counting. 


Our advice here is to relax and take the pressure off yourself. Day to day calories in and out will fluctuate, as will your weight.


So focus on what’s in your control…

* Manage your calories as best you can

* Maintain or increase your step count

* And get yourself down to the gym (or living room) to exercise!


When it comes to counting your calories, remember this, some inaccuracies are to be expected. And that's ok.


But hopefully, now, you'll be in a better position to understand why they are happening and how you can work around them.

Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight Whilst Calorie Tracking


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