5 Tips For A Healthier Christmas

Sticking to the Christmas theme, this week we're going to cover 5 ways you can have a healthier Christmas (and no, healthier doesn't mean boring!)

Typically, around this time of year, it's a time where we indulge, but you don't have to let this be the green light to overindulge. If you would like to enjoy the festivities without it having too much of an impact on your health and waistline, then this post is for you.

Tip 1: Go for a walk

Encourage the whole family to take a long walk at some point throughout the day - ideally after dinner as this will help to aid digestion. The more active you can be, the better!

Tip 2: Booze

Let's say you start with mulled wine on Christmas eve, bucks fizz with breakfast, wine with dinner followed by baileys and the list goes on. So do try to keep tabs on how much you're drinking. Ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day and you might want to consider switching some alcoholic drinks for soft ones.

Tip 3: Dinner

Believe it or not, research has shown we consume around 3,000 calories in our Christmas dinner which is more than the average daily calorie intake for a grown man. Now we think that's a pretty good effort if we do say so ourselves!

This year, instead of gorging yourself on Christmas dinner, try eating a normal sized meal instead. Then, take a 20 minute break to see if you're still hungry as it can take this long for the brain to register that the stomach is full. Lets try not to give ourselves a Christmas stuffing this year.

Tip 4: Eat fruit

And not just the orange you get in our Christmas stocking! At this time of year with the late nights, overindulging and partying, it's more important than ever to get your vitamins and minerals to help you stay in good health.

Tip 5: Have fun

Finally, try not to stress. Tis the season to be jolly.. Right? Is it really the end of the world if the carrots are slightly overcooked? Remember Christmas is just 1 day out of 365 and after a year like this one, it really isn't worth stressing over.

Most importantly, from the team here at MHR Fitness, have a happy, healthy festive season!

5 Tips For A Healthier Christmas


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